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1972 MAZDA RX-3

Price$ 40,000
Excluding on-road costs
Colour:GREEN (original green color)
Interior Colour:GREEN/BLACK
Reg Plate:NONLIC
Reg Expiry:AUG 2017
Road Worthy Certificate:?
Contact Name:LOGAN

Hello,Up for sale is my RX-3. This car was originally a California car that was imported to Canada and then built over a number of years. The original interior was stripped and a full cage was fitted. The original suspension has been replaced with coil overs on all four corners. Brakes have been updated to discs front and rear (mazda rx-7), The rear seat has been removed, trunk expanded and a fuel cell placed over the rear axle. Rear end is 5.10 geared 280z nizmo. The rear end decouples when turning tightly, then locks once you straighten out. Motor was transplanted by ForceFed Perfomance in Abbotsford. Its a Bridgeported T11 13b, Garret 67mm turbo, methanol injected. It is run by a Microtech computer and is set up to run at either 15psi or 18psi which can be switched between settings as needed. The motor was put in in 2007 and then shortly thereafter the car was put into storage. I purchased it last summer and immediately took it to forcefed for them to do a look over of the car and do some dyno tuning. At 15psi the car was making 410whp, and at 18psi the car was making 470whp/360fp/t. Dyno video is available on Forcefed Performance facebook page under videos dated september 2016. The car runs on 94 octane premixed 100/1 with 2 stroke oil. The car has 17 inch 275 Toyo 888's out back and 16 inch 255's up front. They have almost zero wear. This car is very light and incredibly fast. In the high boost setting it is quite frankly terrifying. It is a very raw connected driving experience, as everything is manual, there is no sound proofing, and you feel like you are almost sitting on the ground. I have driven it occasionally since purchase and intended to use it for some amateur racing, but due to some unforeseen life events am not able to move forward with racing. The car is plated, and insured, but this would be best used as a track weapon to appreciate the speed/grip without going to jail. The body is in good shape considering the age. There are a couple very small rust bubbles under the paint (one on driver side a-pillar, and other on passenger side rear window, otherwise the body is rust/bondo free), and various chips from being driven (wide tires tend to throw some rocks at the car). The paint is the original Mazda green (looks more yellow in photos, but very green). The fender flares were changed out and there are some holes where the previous fender flares were drilled, and there is a small crack in the front left fender from where one of the holes was drilled. Deficiencies I am aware of: rear backup lights do not work currently, the e brake is plumbed into the regular brake lines which causes brake pressure on the foot pedal preventing them from being used together (I would run a separate set of rear disc brakes for the e-brake, there is a very small leak in the fuel hook-up from the fuel cell to the fuel pump, which was temporarily fixed with electrical tape, as I haven;t had time to take it apart and reassemble.Price $40,000 canadianFor the buyer, I will arrange that the car be fully tuned, and will provide the updated dyno logs. I will arrange to have the car moved from Kelowna BC where it resides to the Coast for shipping or to the border (US). The buyer will be responsible for shipping costs from there.