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1994 MAZDA RX7


Price$ 44,900
Excluding on-road costs
Colour:Candy Brandy wine
Interior Colour:Black
Engine:13b turbo
Reg Plate:DREAMT
Reg Expiry:Feb 2016
Contact Name:Robert
Location / State:NSW

Hi Everyone, I will try keep it nice and simple. This is a late 1994 model genuine Aussie complied Rx7. Hard to get these days with a genuine 67000kms. Usual standard aussie model features, leather seats,280km speedo, sunroof, 2 seater etc. Car is immaculate including black leather interior. Has been featured as a shared cover car on Hot 4s issue 159. Car was silver then. Car has been recently freshly painted in Candy brandy wine, gold ame modelart wheels as pictured, and recently given a fresh Dyno tune. Currently pumping 538hp at the wheels on 22psi, running E85.(safe street tune) there's more in it! Haltech platinum 2000 computer which will detect pump fuel and reduce boost etc so can run pump fuel when required. Full race prepped bridge port engine, precision turbo, id2200 injectors, Kaaz diff, freshened up Series 6 box, Brass button clutch, and so much more. This car is an absolute bullet, sometimes scares the bageezes out of me. Its a genuine 10sec car, If this engine was in an Rx3 or Rx2 would run low 9s. Has a nice stereo, Alarm, Sp bonnet, Custom series 8 bar, Detailed/polished engine bay, 4 inch stainless exhaust all the way through, no money has been spared. Im not keen on selling but the wife is breaking my you know what. So if I get what I want it will go, if not I will keep enjoying it.No body will drive this car unless I have a deposit. If you want to see hp figures I have dyno papers and happy to do a power run if you pay for it. ( finance can be arranged but you will need decent deposit plus steady job) I have had some people interested with finance but zero money, it ain't going to happen.Thanks for interest. (sorry about pics, took them in garage and drive way) I may post up better ones in future) Plates included in sale, I need a hilux sr5 for my business (2011 onwards) so may consider swap plus cash my way, Prefer to sell out rite but may consider the above.