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Price$ 135,000
Excluding on-road costs
Interior Colour:Std
Transmission:6 Speed Sequential
Reg Expiry:18/12/2017
Road Worthy Certificate:Optional
Contact Name:Michael
Location / State:Queensland

Also wanted to start out by saying the car is ONLY being sold to fund business/investment options, And at this stage my familys future is more important then a car, So i hope people can understand, And respect my decision, If someone is Interested in the car, I am happy to talk Price, At the end of the day Money talks, But please dont think it will be cheap, If you dont see the value in the car, Then you are not the right person to own it. The car also currently has 200km on the Motec display, The old cluster was just over 100k, In the 12 months i have owned it, I did around 1200km in it. Engine: (It was built to handle 1000kw)New N1 Block (Darton sleeved, Resin filled,o-ringed) Nitto 2.8 Stroker Crank (Dura-Finished) Carrillo Pro-H Rods (CARR Rod bolts) Trend TP-1 Custom Wrist Pins Custom Nitto Designed pistons (Maade by CP 9:0:2 comp) Custom ACL Coated bearings JHH Billet Main caps, With Billet Girdle (Bigger Main Studs used) Tomei Oil pump Race-Fab custom sump (Baffled, and runs around 9.5L of oil now) Peterson Oil filter block PWR remote Oil Cooler Brand New Nissan Head, Fully race cnc ported by JHH Custom Valves (+1inlet +2exhaust) Custom Valve seats (Inlet and exhaust) Custom Valve guides Ferrera Valve springs Custom Supertech shimless buckets (DLC coated) Kelford 280/280 Cams (Micropolished) Hypertune 347 Stainless exhaust Manifold (T4, heat coated) Twin 46mm Tial wastegates Precision 68/70 Gen2 (1.0 Rear on the car, But will come with a .84) Custom Titanium Dump pipe (Includes both wastegates being plumbed back) Custom 4inch Titanium exhaust, Has a 4 inch stainless cat, Along with 2x4 Inch Titanium Mufflers. Hypertune V2 Inlet Plenum 82mm Bosch Motorsport DBW Throttlebody (Wiggins Clamps) Twin Hypertune Fuel rails (running 12x1300cc Id injectors) Hypertune Radiator/header tank (All speedflow lines used) Hypertune 100mm Intercooler (Cooler pipework is all Wiggins clamps) Custom Airbox Custom Oil catch can Fuel System 4x460 walbro fuel pumps Radium Surge tank Custom Fuel Lines (All speedflow) 60 Micron Speedflow filter (In the boot) 10/6 Micron Kinsler filter (Front of car) DriveTrain PPG 6 Speed Sequential Upgraded xfer case Direct Clutch Twin Plate Driveshaft Shop Carbon tail shaft Front and rear quaife diff (Std 4.1) Driveshaft shop pro lvl rear axles (Rated at 2000hp) Driveshaft shop lvl 5 front axles (rated at 1200hp) Suspension MCA Red coilovers All new bushes (Nismo, or solid) Ikeya Rear traction arms Cusco front and rear Swaybars. ARC adjustable swaybar links Cusco Rear camber arms. Cusco front castor arms (There is alot more) Brakes/Wheels and Tyres Endless 6 piston brakes with 355mm 2 piece rotors(Less then 500km) Rear r33 GTR brembo calipers with Endless Brake Rotors(Calipers were fully rebuilt and powdercoated) 18x9.5+22 TE37SL 265/35/18 Yoko Advans Endless brake Lines all round. Electronics Motec M150 (GPR Package) Motec c127 Motec PDM 30 Motec PDM 15 Motec controlled 4wd Motec Display Creator (can custom make any display you desire) Fully rewired by 12 Volt Performance Also everything that looked old, Has been replaced with brand new OEM, It drives better then a new car, We are currently sorting out some Teething issues, But as i dont expect to sell this anytime soon, It will all be sorted by the time the right buyer comes along. Every recipt i have for the car will go with it, And people who did all the work on the car are more then happy to discuss in details any questions you might have. Car will be tuned on e85 in the next few weeks, And will take it to the track to see what MPH we can get out of it. Progress of the whole build can be looked at here Any questions a potential buyer may have, Please feel free to PM me.